• Centralized Staff Training
  • Charity Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Holiday Events
  • Photo Shoots
  • Product Launches
  • Private Parties
  • Public Events
  • Small Receptions
  • Staff Appreciation Events

Akin to Bruce Wayne and Batman, at 627 West Yellowstone Highway, you’ll find Adbay by day and The Bay by night. Located in the trendy, up-and-coming Old Yellowstone District, The Bay’s 5,000 square feet of meeting space can be transformed to fit your event’s unique needs, whether you’re throwing a killer Fantasy Football draft, an elegant happy hour or the sauciest holiday party your company has ever seen. Flexible, modern and fun.

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The Pub

  • Beer Tap
  • Cable Television
  • Garage Door Entrance
  • Projection System
  • Soda Dispenser

To meet and greet, wine and dine, toast and cheer or just create a ruckus, The Pub is your destination. This area features beer on tap(!), a fridge, sink, microwave, ample count space, a soda fountain and, oh yeah, beer on tap. You and your guests can lounge on couches, admire Casper Mountain from oversized bay windows or feel the Wyoming breeze from the working garage door. Did we mention there’s beer on tap?

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The Theatre

  • Cable Television
  • Computer Hookups
  • Customizable Marquee
  • Surround Sound
  • Xbox One
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Now showing: Casper’s only event space with a movie theatre. Everything from Blockbuster films to training seminars to Fantasy Football drafts look even better on a giant wall-to-wall screen, and this acoustically balanced and insulated auditorium features a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Stereo. For work, connect your laptop or console to the screen; for fun, play with the Xbox One and Xbox Live membership; for entertainment, watch with a BluRay player or Apple TV for streaming content. Select 30 of your closest friends now, because this space attracts invitations.


The Board Room

  • Apple TV Capabilities
  • Closed Off Space
  • Computer Hookups
  • Large Overhead Lighting
  • Leather Chairs

This isn’t your typical Board Room. Designed to comfortably and spaciously seat up to 10, expect to get the creative juices flowing in this space. Give brilliant presentations, generate ingenious ideas and spark thoughtful debates with the assistance of an Apple TV, whiteboards and maybe even some creative hangover from Team Adbayers. While the room is beautifully lit with both natural lighting from giant windows overlooking Yellowstone Highway as well as unique, oversized hanging lamps, expect your idea light bulbs to shine in The Board Room.

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The Bay is available to you for $100 an hour, for a minimum of two hours. For more information, and specific accommodations, please contact us.

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