Your Questions, Answered

Events are all about location, location, location. And since you’ve already asked “Where is my shindig going to be?” and correctly answered, “The Bay,” here are answers to a few more of your party locale-related questions:

Where are you at?

You’ll find us at 627 West Yellowstone Highway in the trendy up-and-coming Old Yellowstone District. This place suits you.

Where’s the food?

Up to you. The Bay is your space during your event, so have your favorite caterer, chef or mom whip something up. If you need a recommendation or two, we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.

Where’s the bar?

The biggest party foul we can think of is people leaving thirsty, so bring in anything that will refresh your crowd. We have a rad Coca-Cola dispenser with six different sodas to start you off. And on behalf of your guests, we beseech you to take advantage of our refrigerated beer tap. Just bring in your keg, and we can help set it up. And if you think your party needs something a little harder, our bar loves to be stocked. Just remember that beer and alcohol only suits the tastes of those 21 and over and has to stay inside the building. But with digs so cool, why would anyone want to leave?

Where do I sit?

Take a load off in one of 10 chairs in The Board Room, 30 seats in The Theatre, or one of The Pub’s six stools or three-piece couch. But, as always, if this floor plan doesn’t fit the architecture of your gig, no problem. Reorganize what we have, bring in your own stuff or borrow someone else’s. We know some people if you need ideas.

Where’s the decorator?

By all means, put your vibe out there with as much decor as you can handle – as long as it meets fire regulations and maintains the space and equipment.

Where do I connect…to the internet, that is?

What’s ours is yours, and since we’re a website company, we have internet. Jump on our guest network and take a ride on the information superhighway.

Where’s the preview?

Our door is always open — or at least during regular business hours. Stop by 9:00-5:00 Monday through Friday.