FishCasper Television Ad

There's no question one of our favorite Adbay television commercials is the FishCasper commercial. We consider this spot a masterpiece of scripting, narration, cinematography, editing and title work. We like it so much, we modeled two additional commercials on this piece.

July 2, 2013

The FishCasper campaign grew from VisitCasper’s desire to focus on world-class leisure opportunities in Natrona County. ¬†Among these activities, fishing stood out as one of the more marketable ones, since Casper had already been recognized by American Angler magazine as a top destination. The goal, therefore, was to attract more out-of-town anglers to Natrona County. ¬†The campaign worked, resulting in a 35% increase in non-resident fishing licenses over a one year period!

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