Meet Kurt Box

Kurt BoxKurt Box, Accounts Supervisor

• Casper College, Journalism; Former CEO of Casper Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Former Marketing Director for Wyoming Community Development Association

Kurt was born and raised in Casper. After graduating from Kelly Walsh High School and Casper College, he entered the 11-year period of his life referred to as “My Travels.” These travels took him from Wyoming to Montana, Vail, Denver, North Dakota, and Minneapolis. Eventually, he moved back and became responsible — he met and married his beautiful wife, Jo, and they have since had two awesome sons, Riley and Ryan.

Kurt’s degree is in Journalism, but while working as a small town newspaper reporter, he discovered that he had a knack for advertising concepts and campaigns. This led him to the wonderful world of marketing, working as a marketing/communications and PR director for various businesses and organizations in Wyoming before becoming the Executive Director for a downtown development district, then a CEO for a tourism marketing organization. After 16 years of a buttoned-down, corporate, tie-wearing existence, he made the move to where all the cool kids work — Adbay! He now helps clients with their marketing direction and concepts and sets up advertising / awareness / branding campaigns. Kurt acts as a liaison between the client and the creative staff.

He enjoys hanging out with his family, playing drums in a rock band, catching big fish, building large fires, sipping beer with friends, watching sports, building things out of wood, and shooting guns.