If you consider yourself to be EXTREMELY resourceful, well-organized, efficient, creative and personable, Adbay has a job for you!  We’re currently seeking a PROJECT MANAGER to act as a liaison between customers and agency staff.  Your job?  To ensure that projects get done on time and on budget, even when faced with unexpected hurdles.  Our perfect candidate would possess the ingenuity of Macgyver combined with the communication abilities of a motivational speaker. And we’re just crazy enough to believe this person exists…heck..they might even be YOU.

On a day-to-day basis, ADBAY’S PROJECT MANAGER is responsible for the internal scheduling of work throughout the agency.  The project manager opens all jobs entering the agency and utilizes software to assign a step-by-step schedule of completion to each of those jobs as it is entered.  The project  manager coordinates movement of all jobs through all agency departments.  The project manager requires superior project management skills.  S/he must be a conscientious team player and a good organizer.  This person also demonstrates excellent verbal and written communications skills.  The project manager is a creative problem solver, exhibiting initiative and a take-charge attitude.  On large projects, the project manager is also the liaison between the client and the agency design team, making this one of the most important jobs in the agency.

Reports to agency management.


The pay for this position is commensurate with experience.  Adbay offers a benefits package that includes health insurance, dental insurance, paid vacation, IRA employer match, 10 paid holidays, flexible scheduling, and no dress code.  To apply, please send your cover letter, resume and references to