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Adbay in Casper is ISO marketing interns who have talent to brag about, an attitude that keeps bragging at bay, and a flare for the unconventional just to keep things interesting.

We have open desk space in every department, so if you think you might be at home at Adbay, send a resume, cover letter and three relevant samples of your work to  Deadline for applications is MONDAY, APRIL 8th.  Our next program is slated to begin the week of May 20th and it will wrap up by August 2nd.

While you’re here, you’ll work with a core of Adbayers and your fellow interns to get better at the things you’re already good at, learn new skills and make some really cool stuff along the way. You’ll participate in real client projects and complete an intern-only project that will go into your portfolio. You’ll also work across departments with other team members, because like any happy family, we collaborate from the brainstorming and planning phases all the way through post-production.

A few housekeeping items – To make sure this crazy experiment works, we need you in the office a minimum of 12 hours per week over a ten week period, but we’ll work around your schedule as much as we can. We’d love for you to earn school credit while you work here, and depending on your experience, paid and unpaid opportunities are available. Please include the position for which you’re applying in the subject line of your email, and we’ll contact interview candidates when the next intern session is announced. Let’s get packing.

Copywriting: This space should be occupied by someone who can make ideas come to life with pen and paper only, although the desk does come furnished with a laptop should you be so inclined. In addition to the required materials, each applicant should also submit a 500 word essay describing a brand you find representative of you (personality, work habits, attractiveness, etc.).

Graphic Design: If your desk at home is covered with doodles, consider a position in our Art Department. Ideal tenants will have experience with Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, have an appetite for geometric and spatial problem solving, and won’t actually draw on our desks since we don’t allow that. If you can adapt to changing content and style at a moment’s notice, fail fast and often but recover just as quickly, trust the expertise of your teammates while contributing your own brilliant insights, consider yourself an official candidate for residency as a Graphic Design intern.

Web Design: If you think, talk and dance in code or have a penchant for translating Developers’ work into something usable for regular people, we’ve got a spot for you in our web department. Since our web team has skills that range from developing customized websites to making that code both functional and artful, we’re looking for Developers and Designers alike. While HTML and CSS experience is helpful, mastery isn’t necessary (but something to shoot for).

Video/Photo: If a camera is all you need to tell a convincing, compelling and aesthetic story, you might the person we’re looking for in our video/photo department. Interns will be involved with scheduling and planning shoots, serve as on-field camera operators and production assistants, then edit the footage into cinematic genius using Adobe Premiere Pro. For a coveted spot in the dimly lit but cheery video cave, interns should be able to use a camera, modern and not-so-modern video technology and have an interest in editing.

General Marketing/Sales: The occupant of this space will be strategy-minded and client driven OR a strong salesperson. You’ll work with our account management team to learn how to serve customers and communicate with unruly creatives. You’ll sweep up messes and make new ones all for the good of the client and agency. It’s as romantic as it sounds.

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