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shawn houckAdbay is Wyoming’s largest strategic and creative agency, specializing in connecting top brands with new customers in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. At Adbay, we’re passionate about all kinds of stuff — Tourism, Healthcare, TED, Zombies, Art, Data, Music, Photography, Animation, Film, Technology, Sports, Facebook, Microbrews — heck, even Ms. Pac Man.  But when it comes to promoting Wyoming’s best brands, the love and enthusiasm we share for the place that we call home means we are more than the sum of our passions.  We are inspired.

As you can imagine, it hasn’t been easy to build a world-class advertising agency in the middle of the least populous state.  But I’m proud of each and every team member who has contributed over the years — all 53 of them!


Like many advertising agencies, Adbay began as a much smaller company.  Heck, we didn’t even originally set out to BE an advertising agency.  When we started the company in 1999, our goal was to help bands, brands and film studios distribute their ad slicks to graphic designers who in turn had to scan, crop, and place them into advertisements and media.  This process seemed silly to me and my marketing industry friends, since most of the slicks we received started out as digital files in the first place.  Adbay was born when we convinced a few brands and bands to pay us to host their digital assets in an searchable database that graphic designers could access free of charge.

Our site worked beautifully, but recruiting brands proved to be very difficult.  We were, after all, in the middle of Wyoming.  Taking stock of our situation, we realized that more and more local companies had been asking us to help them out with individual marketing projects, things like websites, logos and even marketing plans.

SLIDESHOW: Adbay’s Website 1999-2013


Once we made the decision to focus on these projects, the modern version of Adbay was born.  Each new project brought with it a new set of challenges, and each new challenge provided an opportunity for us to learn a new skill, hire a new team member or meet a new partner.  Before long, Adbay was Wyoming’s largest advertising agency, employing at least 15 full time staffers continuously since 2006.  And while our focus on creating smart strategies and beautiful work for our clients has never changed, the way we think of ourselves has definitely evolved.

Today, we see Adbay as far more than just another advertising agency.  Our expertise and in-house capabilities give us the ability to craft campaigns that live in newspapers, magazines, movie theatres, web browsers, televisions, radios, mobile devices, social media and even out in the real world!  We are THE experts when it comes to creating innovative marketing strategies and messages for the people of Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region.  What’s more, we are especially proud of our reputation as thought leaders in the local community, and we work hard to give back through our active support of organizations like TedxCasper, Artcore, the Natrona County School District, the Wyoming High School Film Festival, the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra, Meals on Wheels, Windy City Striders, The Platte River Trails, Jason’s Friends and more. As we enter our 15th year, we are excited about our new facility.  But the new clients and team members we are sure to meet in 2014 thrill us even more!  If you think you may fall into one of those categories, I have just one question for you: What are you waiting for?  Send us an email.  Drop us a postcard.  Introduce yourself!  Team Adbay is always just a little click away!

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On July 17, 2013

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