Adbay’s New Digs

Coke Building Comments Off on Adbay’s New Digs

Apocalyptic hellscape or new Adbay headquarters?  Time will tell, but we’re leaning toward the whole headquarters thing. Construction is set to begin soon on the new Adbay offices, located at the former Coke Building in Casper’s Old Yellowstone District.  Purchased by Adbay in September of 2012, the building will soon undergo an extensive renovation which will result in a new parking lot, courtyard, studio space, executive offices, conference room, pub space, outdoor patio, basketball court, soundstage and more.


The Plan

As you can see from these photos, time has not been kind to this former warehouse space, but Adbay is keen on restoring some of the original features of the building, especially the red brick interior walls, concrete floors, exposed conduit and ducts and suspended overhead lighting.  A new roof, new windows, a new heating/cooling system and fancy new bathrooms will further improve the space, but it’s the theatre, pub, basketball court and collaborative studio spaces that have our creative team buzzing.  The goal is to build Wyoming’s best creative space, and with a little help from our friends at MOA Architecture, Hilltop National Bank, the City of Casper and Platte River Builders, we’re sure to get there.  Check out some of MOA’s interior space drawings below and watch this blog for construction updates!

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On July 16, 2013

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